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Wheel Balance and Tire Rotation

Tire rotation can maintain and extend proper handling and traction characteristics of your tires. We recommended every 2nd to 3rd oil change (9,000-10,000mi) as an interval to inspect your tires for rotation needs.

One thing to make sure is that tire rotation is not used to disguise or repair worn suspension components. If your car is wearing out its tires excessively, don’t rotate your tires to wear them all out, have the suspension inspected and repaired so that your tires will wear properly.

Rotation is not always possible very easily, as many BMWs have directional tires, as well as tires that are staggered in sizes from front to rear, it is often not possible to rotate the tires without dismounting them from the wheels themselves, which requires more time and is more costly.

Wheel balance is also important for proper handling characteristics of your BMW, as well as helping to protect your other suspensison components. Imagine holding a spinning gyroscope in your hand, and the force that it applies against you turning it, that force is applied to your steering components as you turn your wheels at speed. If your tires are out of balance, it will be constantly working against your steering components, even when you are traveling in a straight line, this can wear out components faster.

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