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Oil Change Service

The Oil Change Service is much more comprehensive than our Basic Oil Change. It consists of:

  • Draining all motor oil

  • Replacing the oil filter

  • Refilling your motor with the oil of your choice

  • Installing oil service reminder

  • Checking and correcting tire pressures

  • Checking manual transmission fluid

  • Checking differential fluid

  • Checking automatic transmission fluid (dipstick only)

  • Checking power steering fluid

  • Checking brake fluid

  • Checking coolant level and concentration

  • Pressure testing the coolant system

  • Checking coolant hoses

  • Checking belts

  • Checking front end suspension

  • Checking windshield washer fluid

  • Checking windshield washers and wipers

  • Checking exhaust system integrity

  • Checking brake pad wear (for disc brakes only)

  • Checking all lights

  • Resetting oil service light

  • Test driving the car to check brakes, steering, suspension and transmission for proper operation