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Brake Service

The most critical safety system of any vehicle is its braking system, a malfunction of the braking system could lead to accidents, injury, or worse. BMWs are generally accepted as having superior stopping power over other vehicles in their class, and it is important to make sure that is maintaned.

For normal brake replacements, expect to have your pads, rotors, and wear sensor replaced each time. When your vehicle alerts you to “Check brake linings” or the small circle with three dash marks on either side appears, its time for either front, rear or both sets of brakes. During this procedure we will replace your brake components and apply anti squeal compound to the brake pads, so that while they bed in they will make the least amount of noise possible. We also begin the bed in procedure on our test drive, where we ensure that your brakes are functioning properly.

The driving force behind your braking system is its fluid, which is the fluid that has the most demand placed on it, operating at temperatures much higher than your engine oil. Standard brake fluids will absorm moisture over time, and after approximately two years it will have collected enough moisture to warrant replacement. This moisture is dangerous for multiple reasons, for one reason it reduces the boiling point of the fluid (which should already be in excess of 500ºf), as well as it can corrode or rust the metal components of your brake calipers and Anitlock Braking System Pump. Consult your Service Advisor to have your brake fluid replaced while your vehicle is in for service.

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